The manufacture of a Stevaux weapon
 The blueprint

The completion of the model on the drawing board and on the computer is a crucial step in the design, it requires many years of experience in the workmanship and assembly of parts if one wants a mechanism that is both flexible and strong.
Conception du modèle 
 The mechanization

 Once the study and plans are completed, the steel blocks are cut and made to size. Shaping of the various parts of the weapon are then performed in the workshop or subcontracted for certain components when more sophisticated technology is needed. 
 La mécanisationLa mécanisation 
 A special alloy...

One of the strengths of Stevaux weapons is the use of steel with unique characteristics: an extremely resistant alloy of nickel and chrome developed by professionals.
 The hinge pin

 This consists of assembling and manually adjusting the key components of a weapon, namely a hinge pin that joins the two parts, the stock with its firing mechanism and the forearm and barrel. An important step in building a break action weapon and its success ensures a robust and accurate weapon for years. 
The assembly

The assembler makes the locking system, adjusts the plates and mounts the weapon’s barrels. Next, he places the firing pin, the trigger guard and security system. Finally he makes a first outer shape formatting: before filing.

The woodworking

After mounting, the stock is tailor made to customers’ requirements.
 Baptiste au travailDevelopment

Master Gunsmiths have the task of reworking the hinge mechanism; complete the clamping of the latch on the barrels and locking preparation for testing. He takes over the work of the assembler refines the catch and serrates the hammer and dips the barrels to give hardness to the metal. He checks the woodwork and carries out the various assemblies, finishing adjustments that will give the unit its final appearance. This stage of the production - is complex and very long -it is always entrusted to the most experienced craftsman in the workshop.

Then follow the operations of re-boring gun barrels, chambering, testing, and adjustment following the first shot and then setting the wooden forearm.
 La marcheLa marche 
A novel mechanism
Thirteen years of experience in the former workshops of Lebeau & Courally allowed Jean-Marc Stevaux to capture the full subtlety of traditional mechanism Liègeois but also to perceive its limits. Thanks to his knowledge, he managed to improve it by developing the following innovations:

1. Excellent rigidity of all break action weapons generated by deleting items that reduce their force;
2. Locks of the standard Greener;
3. Recoil with interchangeable dual function;
4. Control of the gripping hooks to the barrel by the hinge in the center;
5. Bottom of the hinge mechanism split open, facilitating assembly and possible re-adjustments of the season.

 The first and second disassembly

Firstly the craftsman inspects the reach of the wooden forearm, the re filing of the alcove, polishing the head of the key and retouching the edges of the metal "to meet the wood."
 The engraving of the metal

This stage of the finishing is done by a craftsman engraver.
 La gravure
A customized finish ...

This is the third advantage of a weapon manufactured in the workshops of Stevaux: All fabrications are custom made and all the aesthetic choices (the engraving of metal, refilling and choice of wood, etc...) Belong to the client.

Last inspection

Last inspection, this step - often overlooked - is of great importance in achieving a fine weapon. It must be performed by a very careful craftsman. The barrels and the tipping mortises are refined and the hinges cleaned. All mechanisms are thoroughly inspected and the weapon is disassembled and reassembled as many times as necessary.
 The tightening of the pins and screws and the achievement of blues on a bed of fine sand are the ultimate operations before the final reassembly and last fire setting. 
Careful workmanship and a lifetime warranty...

The manufacture of a Stevaux weapon requires an average of 750 hours of skilled craftsmen trained in the best schools in Belgium. It ensures the workmanship of a gun with a lifetime guarantee!
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