Jean-Marc Stevaux et Baptiste de Greift 

Jean-Marc Stevaux is pleased to place at your service more than 20 years of experience in hunting armory. He welcomes you in his store at Malonne, near the beautiful surroundings of the citadel of Namur. Supported by Baptiste De Greift, Jean-Marc manufactures custom built hunting rifles and shotguns in his own workshop, chosen from the best luxury alloys and wood.

 In addition to the manufacture of the product range Stevaux, this duo of experienced craftsmen assure the after sale service as well as maintenance of weapons sold and can perform the complete overhaul of weapons entrusted to them (fitting, operation, polishing, engraving, tanning, renovation of wood, etc.) Parallel to the armory and under the leadership of Baptiste De Greift, Knives have recently made their mark in the Stevaux workshops: daggers and hunting knives exclusive of the brand CESAR are made to order.
Jean-Marc and Baptiste also put all their competences at the disposal of their customers to guide them when choosing binoculars, telescopic sights (Zeiss, Swarovski, Schmidt & Bender), ammunition (RWS, Norma, Remington, Winchester, Federal, Fiocchi, Rottweil, Sellier & Bellot) and other useful items for hunting offered in stores.
Avenue de la Vecquée, 222
5020 Malonne

Telephone : +32 (81) 45 09 54
Fax : +32 (81) 45 09 5

Open Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 12pm
and from 1pm to 7pm
Saturday from 9am to 4pm

N ° of approval: 2/9/03/0053

Access to the armory is prohibited to
under 18’s unless accompanied by an adult

Jean-Marc Stevaux
Born in 1967 in Namur, Jean-Marc became passionate about firearms and without hesitation that at 18 he enrolled at the prestigious school of gunsmithing, Léon Mignon de Liège. For four years, he received training specific in the art of metal and another specific to woodworking. Two lightweight weapons of the type Anson were born from his hands during those five years.
During this period, he put his weekends to use improving his knowledge - especially in duplication of firearms - working in a gunsmith in Namur specializing in the production of Mausers.
At the conclusion of his studies, he was directly hired by the House of Lebeau -Courally. With the trust and support of his superiors, he specialized in all phases of metal work needed to manufacture a weapon. For thirteen years, he then learnt the great Liège tradition but also of its limitations, specifically in the mechanism. Gradually, he identified its major flaws and for five years, spent his evenings and weekends, developing his own mechanism which over time added elegance worthy of the greatest line of the name. The first platinum express rifle JM Stevaux was born in 2005.
 Baptiste De Greift 
Born in 1984 and equally origin of Namur Batiste was interested in firearms from an early age. At 19, after six years in general education and various foreign languages courses(English at Cambridge and Italian in Brescia), he began at the Armory school Léon Mignon in Liège at the same time studying for a degree in commerce. After graduation, he was hired by Pascal Collard - Brussels gunsmith known for his skill as wood fitter.

 Couteau CésarOver time, his passion for knives became more pronounced and he began making unique pieces. His approach to the material for the production of a knife is similar to the technique of weapons: he roughly trims the mass with a file. Since 2010, he has perfected his apprenticeship in the Stevaux workshops. Parallel to his work on firearms, he has created customized knives. 
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